DevOps and Cloud Consulting

Your Blueprint to Faster, Higher-Quality Application Delivery into the Cloud

The modern IT leader is faced with an impossible ask of speeding up innovation and reducing cost, all while maintaining stability and quality. Migrating to the cloud can help speed up innovation, though the traditional IT culture and workflows don’t fit into this new reality. IT Leaders need a better way to meet business demands using a new approach to software delivery and IT operations that works well in a cloud native world.

DevOps Transformation

A DevOps Transformation involves adopting a set of cultural values and organizational practices that improve business outcomes by increasing collaboration and feedback between Business Stakeholders, Development, QA, IT Operations, and Security. This includes an evolution of your company culture, automation and tooling, processes, collaboration, measurement systems, and organizational structure—in short, things that cannot be accomplished through automation alone.

The changes implemented during a DevOps Transformation all have a quantifiable impact on a company’s profit, productivity and market share.

Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud Services offer a cost efficient and highly effective alternative to managing infrastructure on site. Managed Cloud Services enable a business to share and access systems and data via a remote network, benefitting from access to the latest technologies without large capital outlay.

Cloud options range from entry systems capable of running one or more virtual servers through to highly available cloud infrastructure capable of supporting critical business applications. Private cloud infrastructure can be deployed on your premises or co located in a data centre(s) depending on your business requirements.